If you found us, we’re hoping you’re a crypto fanatic like we are. We love researching and reporting on the latest coins and blockchain projects, and discerning the good from the bad from the great.

World politics, investment banks, mining pools, the unbanked, the innovators and disruptors, mathematical calculations, mad hype and sales teams — what’s really at play?

Here are our Five Golden Trading Principles:

1. You found a crypto gem! Yay! Now balance that crazy enthusiasm with reason and sensibility.

2. Stay focused.

3. Remain skeptical.

4. Be engaged.

5. Stay informed.

Whether you’re a newbie or an oldie, burned, scorched, or rained upon by a wild crypto ride, we hope you enjoy our journey to the new paradigm.

May your holdings swell, so you can support your favorite projects and help those developers out there who are trying to change the world.

Rachel & Rockford

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