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What is HodlX?

HodlX is a platform on The Daily Hodl where we post your non-commercial crypto content and guest blogs.

What kind of content can I submit?

You can submit articles about cryptocurrency, blockchain, the digital economy, Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins and related topics. You can submit crypto-related content that is non-commercial, educational, or informational. You can post an op-ed or promote a charity.

We are also open to classifieds for job listings, items and luxury goods that you are selling for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrency.

Can I link back to my website?

Yes, you can create a post to drive traffic to your crypto-related website. We encourage contributors to use HodlX to bring attention to interesting crypto and blockchain-related articles and activity across the internet. Just make sure that your post on HodlX has real substance and content.

Can I submit information on a token sale?

No. HodlX is not for ICOs or token sales. You can submit company press releases and sponsored posts here.

How much does it cost to post on HodlX?

It’s free.

Can I submit a press release?

No. We do not accept press releases on HodlX. For press releases, announcements and sponsored content from upcoming cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, submit here.

Can I monetize my article?

No. We have not enabled any payment method for your content.

Can I make multiple submissions?

Yes. You can make as many submissions as you like. You can manage your submissions by clicking ‘My Content‘.

Should I add a price for my articles?

No. The platform is intended to share free information and content. Prices should be added only if you have an item you would like to sell.

I submitted my post but I don’t see it online. Why is my post still pending?

We try to publish HodlX posts quickly, but in some cases it takes a few hours.

Here are a few reasons why your post may be pending indefinitely:

  • Your post needs an image. Images are required. In some cases we may add an image or we’ll wait for you to add one.
  • Your post is not related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies or the digital economy.
  • Your post lacks substance. If your post is a straight linkback or a one-liner about a coin being added to an exchange without any additional information, we’ll wait for you to add more content.
  • Your post is a press release. We do not accept press releases on HodlX. 
  • Your post is promoting an ICO, token sale or other announcement from an upcoming cryptocurrency or blockchain project. Click here.

How can I add an image to my post?

You can add a featured image to your post by clicking the dialog box “browse files”. It’s located in the Gallery section, above the Description section. Please make sure the image has a free license or that you own the rights to the image. Please make sure the image has a maximum width of 836 px.

Can I embed additional images in my post?

Yes. You can include images and media by clicking “Insert” on the menu of the Description section.

Can I preview my post before I submit it?

Yes. Click Preview to see how your post will display.

Can I add my contact information?

Yes. You can decide which information will appear on your post. If you would like to add links to your website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other page, you can include them in your post. You can also include your direct contact.

How much traffic will my post get?

We have no average stats. Your post will get traffic depending on the content, topic, presentation (i.e. image) and interest from our readers. Every post appeals to different readers, and as the community grows, we hope every post will find an audience. We drive traffic to HodlX two ways. You can view it on the home page by scrolling down, and you can navigate to HodlX from the main menu.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to drop us a line at

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